We currently offer a wide range of modules for each municipal sector.  Evolved to meet the needs the needs of each type of management.


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Mobile applications CREATED

Internal Solutions

Claims Management

A management module that seeks to assist and support the areas involved in the registration, operational management and claims audit circuits. Based on 4 guidelines.


  • Simplify the registration process


  • Parameterize and systematize all the information and important data of the claims and automatically link them to the corresponding public service operational areas


  • Efficient response times, planning and management of resources and stock of materials


  • Monitoring ; monitoring and auditing of compliance with geolocated information.

Works Management

This module allows them to:


  • Systematize the information


  • Digitize works files


  • Simplify the registration process


  • Monitoring, follow-up and certification of Work in the territory.


Through a web platform and a specific mobile application, we have managed to generate a digital file base of each work in the city, with georeferenced information and photos associated with each work progress , which allowed us to improve the inspection and certification processes, and the preparation of notes. order and analysis of the investment financial curve.

Tree Management

A fundamental tool for:


  • Relieve


  • Census


  • Monitor


  • Keep track of all species; the number of existing tree specimens; its general condition and the presence of phytosanitary problems, information on its context, and its potential dangers


These are some of the data that, thanks to our Mobile App and Web Platform, the procedures will be able to obtain, and with which they will be able to design much more efficient public policies to take care of the urban trees.

External Solutions

Citizen App

We specialize in the design and configuration of different types of citizen applications, each one reflects the identity of its City, its customs, its particularities and its people.

The Citizen App has the particularity of linking the demand of each citizen with the different internal management processes.


  • Simplify procedures.

  • Streamline administrative and operational processes,

  • Build collaborative bridges between the citizen, operational personnel and officials;

  • Generate better channels of Citizen Participation and Active Transparency.


Tool that allows you to schedule appointments online for any type of municipal procedure that requires a previous shift, for example, driver's license, ID, passport, etc.


Municipal workers can manage these appointments through the web, and they also manage the shifts they grant in person. Additionally, they have a screen in the waiting room that shows the current shift, and the shift that follows.



  • Database administration

  • Email and text message notifications.

  • Rapid, remote, and fast implementation, leaving the solution operational in the shortest time.

Real data

Results in real time

Solutions to real problems



Through our citizen apps and participation modules, we build collaborative bridges between citizens and municipalities.

Social development

Our MuniSocial platform guarantees the rights of the population that is in situations of greater vulnerability.

Climate change

MuniIoT and MuniArbolado are some of the tools that help take a strategic position and mitigate the consequences of global warming.

Transparency and efficiency

We provide construction management modules for municipalities and town halls, increasing efficiency and providing real-time data to citizens.