Here we answer the most frequently asked questions

1- ¿Is the tool only for Municipalities?

No, the tool can also be implemented for public management at the provincial, regional and / or national level.

2- ¿How long does it take to implement?

We offer a one day system deployment, only internet connection is required. We accompany your team in this first stage, training them in the use of the tool and all its enablers.

3- ¿What happens if we already have management software?

Our team will evaluate how the processes are carried out today in your office and we will achieve through APIS to integrate the various platforms.

4- ¿Can I purchase a single module of the system?

Of course! Although the modules are articulated among themselves for best results, they can be used separately

5- ¿How can I test the platform?

It's easy, contact us requesting a demo. You will be able to test the system, know all its functionalities for both intramural and extramural management with our solutions designed for citizens.