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Global warming

The acceleration of global warming is almost unstoppable and we are all responsible.
It is extremely important that we begin to have an active participation generating positive changes in our communities.

We have to be strategic and work together, as a global community.

Today more than ever it is essential to monitor and control the situation of the trees in each city.
CO2 capture

Carbon capture by planting new trees is only a small part of the solution.

For this to really work, it is essential to care for each plant during its development, until it reaches maturity (Stages of greater CO2 capture).

Action fronts

Survey and mapping

Loading information, photographic record and location of the specimens.

Processing and information

Organization and management of information. Forest maps and inventory.

Intervention strategies

Action plans, delivery of copies and donations, reforestation campaigns.

Information bank: Characteristics and condition of the specimen, recommendations for care and maintenance.

Recommendation Follow-up and care


Main goal 100M🌲

We set ourselves an incredible challenge: to achieve the largest tree census ever conducted. We want you to be part of this forest challenge whether you are an organization, a municipality or a citizen interested in generating changes in your community.

Together we can reach

  100M🌲 registered trees!  

Why count trees?

Generation of a forest Inventory
  • Survey: Generation of a map of the city's trees, allowing its registration and consultation.

  • Recognition: Incorporate key data such as the species and its life stage, as well as geolocation to determine the shortages and risks.

  • Inform: Promote awareness and education about the ideal afforestation for each area and its care.

  • Planning: Facilitate the planning of new actions such as delivery campaigns and plantations.

Figures and goals








Trees surveyed


Participating municipalities


Citizens participating




Participating municipalities


Citizens participating

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Municipalities and organizations

Sign up and start participating! 

How to take part? 

Together we can reach

  100M🌲 census Trees!  

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