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MuniDigital® is a platform that aims to transform government management, integrating all the operational areas of the
municipalities through the use of digital platforms and data intelligence. Thus managing to strengthen management capacities, generate efficiencies in the operation and save financial resources.

• Management of claims and requests.
• Geolocation of scheduled tasks.
• Digitization of forms.
• Comprehensive management of social assistance (traceability).
• Environmental control: urban trees and green spaces.

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MuniDigital®️ integrates the municipal operational areas by changing the paper for

the cloud in information management.

From the operational to the managerial, the

new management model empowers the municipal worker to achieve greater agility

and transparency in the provision of services.

• Geolocation of scheduled tasks.

• Inspection with real-time data.

• Monitoring and planning of works.

• Monitoring of stock of materials.


MuniDigital® has modules designed for citizen participation; that allow the citizen to intervene in public services, public works, social, cultural development, green spaces, trees, health appointments, security, pet registration, among others.
Our Citizen APPs achieve two-way interaction that facilitates collective problem solving and encourages citizen participation at all levels of government.

• Sending requests and / or claims.
• Digitization of procedures.
• Push notifications by neighborhood, zones, individual.
• Citizen participation and open government.
• Systematized web forms.
• Shifts (appointments) and online tax payment.
• Quality control: satisfaction citizen.
• Health portal: informative, managementof prescriptions, self-

CAF, Development Bank of Latin America

“Govtech and the future of government: The MuniDigital Caseshows how investment in GovTech has the potential to transform and make efficient the public administration, provide better services
for citizens and bring significant savings to users of public servicesand the government itself.”

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